Crafted Web Design

Like a fine wine or a home-brew, we craft websites that suit your specific tastes. You imagine it, we can do it! We can also re-code existing sites to be mobile-friendly, or manipulate templates with custom code.

Custom Web Design

We make websites from scratch that work on all smartphones without an app. We build artist websites , lawyer or attorney websites, restaurant websites, and sites for construction companies, retailers, and even newspapers. Let us craft a custom Responsive website that looks great and works great on any device.

Already like your Website?

…but it just doesn’t work right on the new smartphones? We can actually recode your website to be Responsive so it adapts to all existing and future smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Budget Web Development

For clients with a smaller budget, we also offer template-based web design. But we don’t just go in and change the colors or fonts, we actually enter the code and change it to meet your requirements. You can show us ANY website that you like, and we can make a template-based website that mirrors it exactly.

What is a Responsive Website?

responsive web design exampleResponsive websites adapt in size and function to fit the user’s device. But they don’t just scale the size of the screen, they actually adapt the functions and images. Responsive sites also rank better and have faster load times. And given the fact that nearly 80% of people use smartphones to surf the web, you’ll have higher conversion rates.

Mobile-friendly and responsive design are technically two different things. Mobile-friendly websites works the same way across all devices, which means it has fixed content that doesn’t change in size or shape. And there are no changes to help with usability. Navigation is hard because of the small menu buttons and users often have to zoom in to see an image.

A Responsive Website solves these problems. A Responsive site will change in size and function based on the device. The navigation is condensed and utilizes Hamburger menus. Images change in size, and functionality is optimized to the device.

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