What is reTargeting?

Have you ever been online-shopping for a blue shirt, and then saw an ad for that exact same blue shirt on an unrelated website? That’s reTargeting!

ReTargeting allows you to show your ads on Local and National websites, without having to engage in a costly contract with those media outlets. You can show your ads on their website via reTargeting. And the best part is, the ad is only shown to people who have shown an interest in your product or service, or have Googled similar products or services. Here’s how it works.

1) A customer comes to your website, either by organic search, or by being “Funneled” from another website like Facebook.

2) The user’s computer or smartphone is “Cookied” with special code from your website.

3) The user then visits another site, like CNN, FOX, or Rotten-Tomatoes, and they see an ad for your website!

4) The user can then click on that ad, and return to your website.

How much does ReTargeting cost?

Its very inexpensive. Especially when compared to the costly banner-ad contracts offered by news websites. Rougly the cost comes to about $5/cpm (Or $5 per 1000 impressions).

5mile.digital reTargeting

We offer retargeting for businesses in any industry. Cost is $5/cpm, plus 30% of the total budget for ad creation and management. So, a $500 retargeting campaign would be $150 admin costs, then $350 to reTargeting for a total of  70,000 impressions.




We get you on all major news sites locally, plus national sites like USA Today, CNN, FOX, and more.

We also average a 2% click-thru rate.

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