Social Media Management

There are many reasons why business owners aren’t using social media, but the main one seems to be a lack of time. Outsource your social media presence with, and we’ll take care of everything.

  • Regular posts and updates on the four major social networks.
  • Replying to, or forwarding, customer inquiries and questions.
  • Updating content to reflect new products or services.
  • Create a following of customers to keep your business at the top of their mind without “overdoing it” and turning them off.
  • Affordable rates for all sizes of business!


Creative Targeted Content:

We have a history of posting creative content related to your business. We do heavy research on your industry, and then post regular news updates, or Tips and Tricks that your customers can put into practice. Its a great way to engage them, and keep you at the top of their mind.

BUT, content doesn’t just have to be directly related to your products or services. It can be loosely related to your business to attract new click and eyeballs. For example, we created a Top Ten list aimed at Generation X in the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa, and we received over 14,000 views and shares.

It had nothing to do with our Digital services, but it did achieve the objective of getting our brand in front of people aged 35-50 in Illinois and Iowa.

Let us come up with creative content and reach the customers you’re looking for. You tell us the demographic, and we’ll come up with the creative, quality, and family-friendly content to attract them.


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