Renewing Your Domain: Don’t Be Fooled

Have you received a letter from Internet Domain Name Services or other companies trying to renew your domain? If so, ignore them. Yes, they are a legitimate company. And yes, they will renew your domain name. But, their prices are 3x that of other domain name registrars like GoDaddy and BlueHost.

You should only pay $15-25/year to renew your domain. There are many companies that will try to pull this trick on consumers. Don’t be fooled. Contact your webmaster or if you receive any questionable mailings like this, sometimes by email or even phone call.

Again, only renew your domain with the original companies like GoDaddy, BlueHost, or others.

If you had us register the domain on your behalf, we will contact you within 30 days of renewal and only charge you the third-party fees of $15-25 per year renewal.

Please note this does not include SSL certificate renewal nor any hosting. This is simply domain name registration.



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