Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing: 

Even if you aren’t a social media user, chances are your customers are on using one of the big four Social Media Networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Not to mention Yelp and Foursquare.

We can target ads based on: Location of their home or work, tastes and habits, age and income, employment, and more. So, if you want to sell your “widget” to thirty-something females in New York who reggae music, we can do that! And if you don’t want to post updates or photos or other information, we will handle that for you as well.

Average cost: $.50 cents per 1000 impressions. or $.50/CPM


Search Engine Marketing:

quad cities retargeting and internet marketing85% of people use their mobile-phones to search for products and services near to them. Through Search Engine Marketing, we can get your business listed at the top of popular search results in Google and Bing. Users can then click on your ad to visit your website, or call you directly, or open a map to get directions to your business. All with one click! And you only pay when that user “clicks” the ad, so you only pay for quality leads. We can also only show the ads directly to people within a certain radius of your business.

Average cost: $2/click. $5 per 1000 impressions or ($5/CPM).

Local Display Ads:

Through our reTargeting efforts, we get your ads on local news stations and newspaper websites, plus major news sites like USA Today, CNN and FOX. These ads will be targeted at people who have shown interest products or services similar to yours. This is a great way to get banner ads on all of your local news sites, without committing to a large contract.

Average cost: $5/1000 impressions, also known as $5/CPM

Display Ad ReTargeting: 

Have you ever been online shopping for Blue Suede Shoes on one website, and then seen an ad for those exact shoes on a completely different website? That’s reTargeting! We can essentially chase your website visitors across the web with ads reminding them to revisit your website. Ads are show on national news and entertainment websites, plus your local news and newspaper sites.

Average cost: $5/1000 impressions or $5/CPM

How Are We Different?

  • Targeted Approach: We pinpoint clients by exact demographics, rather than just blanket banner ads and an estimate of impressions or clicks.
  • Detailed Reports: We show you the exact number of impressions, clicks, and money spent. We give estimates before we start, and then detailed numbers after we begin.
  • Budget Rollover: Whatever you don’t spend in one month will roll over to the next. We won’t just pocket the extra money.
  • Free Ad Creation: We never charge for creative, no matter how many ads you want to use.

In short, other marketing companies will give you estimated results. We give you a report of exact results with number of impressions, clicks, engagements, and more. Plus, your unused cash rolls-over and we credit your account if you don’t spend your entire budget.

Internet Marketing Packages

Our Digital Marketing packages work to attract customers, engage them, and then follow them around the Internet with ads to remind them to revisit your website or business.

  1. We target customers via Google and Social Media (Facebook/Instagram).
  2. The user then visits your website and we “cookie” them.
  3. We then show your ad to these users on local news websites and national websites like USA TODAY, NEW YORK POST, CNN, FOX, Rotten-Tomatoes, and more.

Bronze Package: $500/month

  • Social Media – 30,000 impressions to 10,000 unique viewers, 100+ clicks/calls
  • Google Search – 4000 impressions, 25-100+ clicks/calls
  • reTargeting – 10,000 impressions on local news and national websites.

Silver Package: $1000/month

  • Social Media – 50,000 impressions to 15,000 unique viewers, 200+ clicks/calls
  • Google Search – 7,000 impressions, 50-150+ clicks/calls
  • reTargeting – 15,000 impressions on local news and national websites.

Gold Package: $1500/month

  • Social Media – 75,000 impressions to 25,000 unique viewers, 300+ clicks/calls
  • Google Search – 10,000 impressions, 100-250+ clicks/calls
  • reTargeting – 20,000 impressions on local news and national websites.

 Platinum Package: $2000/month

  • Social Media – 100,000 impressions to 30,000 unique viewers, 400+ clicks/calls
  • Google Search – 15,000 impressions, 200-400+ clicks/calls
  • reTargeting – 25,000 impressions on local and national websites.

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