Hosting & Support

We provide hosting and support via our Virtual Private Server, with a variety of packages to meet your space and speed requirements. Most websites that we host need minimal space

We offer a Free One Year of hosting for anyone that hires us for Craft Web Design.

The websites we create all have a Content Management System that allows our clients to do most website updates themselves. They can change the content and images and menus, but more in-depth changes require our help. For those clients, we offer maintenance packages which include hosting plus one to two hours of web changes per month (which is usually enough time for most updates).

If your site gets a virus, we will remove it at no charge to you, as quickly as possible. There have only been two website hacks in our history, and both times we were able to remove the virus within 24 hours. Once we even redeveloped a site from Joomla to a new platform to avoid further hacks, at no charge.

Other features include:

  •  Monthly backup of website code and database.
  • Hosted on a managed VPS, rather than a cheap shared server.
  • Option one to two hours of web updates per month.
  • SSL certificates optional for extra security.

Customer service is our first priority, so you can rest assured we’ll answer your inquiries promptly. We have a live chat option on our website (as you can see below), so you can reach us anytime during business hours. We also answer emails promptly, because frankly, we’re almost always working.


Why a VPS instead of a Shared Server?

Why a VPS instead of a Shared Server? Shared Server vs. Dedicated Server vs. VPS: Shared servers are machines that host websites from customers across the nation. Its like having your website reside in a cheap motel by the public pool. Everyone is coming and going and space is limited. With a VPS, its like having your site live in a condo with a mortgage; you have your own segmented living space, and a pool just for the residents. Then there are dedicated servers, which is like buying your website its own house with a private pool.

Contact us today. Dedicated Servers are also available.


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