What is a good Click-Thru rate for Adwords?

Adwords is the search-marketing tool used to advertise on Google. It allows businesses to display an ad or sponsored search result, based on specific keywords. For instance, ACME Plumbing in Chicago might use Adwords to display ads to people that are searching for “Chicago Plumbers”. Their ad will show up to those users when they type that phrase into Google. Then, when a user clicks on the Ad, ACME Plumbing is charged for that click. This is also known as Pay Per Click.

Adwords determine the “Click-Thru” rate by the number of times an ad is clicked, in relation to the number of times the ad is shown. So, if an ad is shown to 100 users, and 2 users click on the ad, then it is a 2% click-thru rate. This 2% level is the average in most industries. This depends upon the competitiveness of your industry and geographic location.

At 5mile.digital, we work to get higher-than-average click-thru rates. For one of our clients, we continually achieve a near 6% click-thru rate for their main keywrdes. But this didn’t happen over-night! We had to work for nearly two months testing ads to achieve the best results. Of course, there WILL be other keywords that don’t perform as well, as you can see by .85% click thru on one of our keywords. But when its averaged out, the CTR for this campaign was over 4%.

click thru rate



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