Cyber Security offers cyber-security audits to businesses in any industry.  We can review your website and systems to pinpoint vulnerabilities and then suggest changes to secure your data. Plus, we offer cyber-security measures for all of our clients.

Our hosting services are affordable and offer a high-level of security to keep your website secure. Our web hosting includes:

  • Data Back-Up: Regularly scheduled back-up of data and code so we can restore the website if any problem occurs.
  • Customer Support: We provide fast, friendly customer support via phone or chat. And if any problem occurs, we work to solve it immediately to reduce any down-time.
  • SSL Certificates: Our clients can choose to have SSL certificates installed on their sites, ensuring a secure connection between the website and their customers.  
  • Open Source Software: We use open-source software like CentOS and Apache, which are both leaders on the cyber-security front.
  • Regular Updates: We update our operating system and servers and web software regularly, to keep pace with any patches or other security updates.
  • Strong Passwords: We use crazy passwords with lots of characters and numbers to thwart any bots.
  • Sitelock: This cloud-based website security solution helps us detect and fix malware before it takes down a website.

Website Security Audit:

Is your website secure? What about your intranet or business network? We can test those for vulnerabilities and then recommend solutions to secure your enterprise. Contact us  and we can set up a review of your website. Or, switch to for your web hosting, and know that it is safe and secure.


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