Claim Your Google Listing

Claim Your Google Listing

Do you keep getting calls from someone claiming to be from Google, and scaring you about your Google listing? Well, these folks aren’t from Google. They are just third-party telemarketers looking to make a buck. Google has better things to do than call every small business owner in America!

So, while you SHOULD be scared if you haven’t claimed your listing, you don’t need to pay a third-party to do it for you. You can claim your Google Business Listing yourself, for free. And we’re here to walk you through the process. Follow these steps:

1) Sign-In and Google Yourself

Sign into your Google account. If you don’t have one, create one. Then type your business name into Google.

2) View Your Google Maps Page:

The Map results are in the Right Column. Click on “Own this Business?” (If your business is new, it will not appear and you will have to create a new listing. Click here to start that process. You’ll need a Google Account.)








3) Verify that you are the business owner.

Check your address, and then click on the Checkbox to confirm that you are an authorized agent to claim this listing.

4) Enter Your Phone Number:

Now you will enter your business phone to receive a verification code via Voice call or Text. In some cases, you will be prompted to confirm your Mailing Address. In this case, they will send you a Postcard with a verification code.

5) Receive and Enter the Verification Code:

Google will call or text you a verification code right away. Enter it and click Confirm.

6) Now you can manage your business:

That’s it! Now you can manage our business listing, including name, address, field of work, hours. etc. If you change your mailing address or phone, you will have to re-verify.

Need More Help?

Having trouble? We can help you for free. Just Contact us or click the Chat below and we can set up a time. We might have time right away, but if not, we’ll set up a time within 24 hours to help you through the process.

Get Listed. Get Found.

We also provide Directory Listing “clean-up” for businesses that have had multiple addresses and/or phone numbers. We’ll make sure your listings are consistent across hundreds of directories, so you get higher rankings in Google and Bing.

Want to Learn more about Digital Marketing? 

We offer a free webinar and in-person seminars. Classes are FREE and run about 45-60 minutes. You’ll learn about Local SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing on Facebook, and reTargeting. Its a great resource for established business owners or entrepreneurs.



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